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Future Proof is the game-changing initiative designed to empower young people to be at the forefront of disaster management, providing them with vocational pathways in the relevant fields, and foster community resilience.

If you are aged between 16 and 25, the project offers you an incredible selection of FREE short courses and qualifications that are not just interesting but insanely relevant. You’ll find paths that tap into future job markets, ensuring you’re not just in the game, but ahead of it. Skill up on us and grasp the tools you’ll need to not just navigate but dominate your future. Ready for a life upgrade? Join Future Proof. Because the future waits for no one, but it’s wide open for you!

Funded by the Australian Government, the Future Proof program – led by YACVIC Rural and delivered in collaboration with NE TRACKS – provides qualification pathways for young people to kickstart careers in emergency management and community services.

Get involved, learn new skills and lead the way in making decisions about things that impact you.

From food safety and fire fighting to chainsaw training and drone piloting, reach out to us with your ideas about what you want to learn and together we can work out how you can best pursue those.


The North East Local Learning and Employment Network (NELLEN) is passionate about connecting young people in NE Victoria with opportunities, equipping them with skills and knowledge to thrive in the evolving landscape of education and employment.

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