Your Launchpad to a Boundless Future

Who We Are

NELLEN is what’s called a Partnership Broker. Put simply, we build relationships with all sorts of organisations in each of the communities we work in. We bring together schools, youth agencies, local government, health services, and businesses to support young people to learn, thrive and pursue their aspirations in ways that work best for them.

We’re one of the 31 hard-working and dedicated LLENs in Victoria’s Local Learning and Employment Networks constellation, powered by the Victorian Department of Education and Training. We’re all about YOU – especially if you’re between the ages of secondary school and 25.

Collaboration is Our Middle Name

We’re the ultimate matchmakers – pairing schools with businesses, aligning community ideals with government agendas, and creating dream teams that work together to recalibrate young lives that are at a dead end or stuck at the crossroad.

Transitions: Navigating Life’s Twists and Turns

Life is a rollercoaster of change; you never know what’s around the next bend. We’ve all been there—jumping from primary to secondary school, diving into the job market, or leaving the nest for the first time. And guess what? It can be bewildering, disorienting, and downright challenging.

We Get It. Seriously, We Do!

From the stifling limitations that can be small-town life to the crushing weight of educational costs, we’re no strangers to the barriers you face:

  • Wavering school engagement
  • Limited family support
  • Financial constraints and generational hurdles
  • Geographical roadblocks
  • Skillset challenges
  • And even society’s misconceptions about young people.

The Power of Education: More Than Just Books

Let’s talk numbers. Research from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research spells it out: hitting that Year 12 or Certificate III milestone can dramatically shift the social, emotional, and economic trajectory of your life. Education is not just a gateway; it’s a freeway to a world of opportunities.

Paths to a Future of Promise

We are NELLEN, and we’re committed to painting a brighter future for our young people. We do this by forming partnerships that dissolve the barriers to learning, creating pathways to promising career vistas, and igniting a lifelong passion for growth. Become part of a community that aspires for more, strives for better, and works tirelessly towards empowering every young person to create a future that’s as limitless as they want to make it.

📍 Location: This service is available across the Alpine, Indigo, and Towong Shires, the City of Wodonga.