Creative Arts Forum 2023

A milestone in fostering artistic aspirations

An Afternoon to Remember

The Creative Arts Forum, held on August 28, 2023, at The Hyphen in Wodonga, was not just an event but an experience that will stay in the hearts and minds of aspiring young artists in our community. Under the evocative theme “Challenge the Norm – Let Art Be Your Voice,” the forum served as a touchstone for young individuals to explore and understand the transformative power of the arts.

The Genesis of the Forum

The need for a platform that not only promotes but demystifies the careers in the creative sector was identified by NELLEN as an essential step to enrich the lives of our community’s youth. With secondary students across the North East increasingly studying Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications in creative disciplines, the time was ripe for an event that would shed light on the practical aspects of pursuing a career in the arts.

The Creative Arts Forum was NELLEN’s robust response to this need. It aimed to raise awareness about flexible educational pathways, especially in the context of the revamped Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), which now allows for a blended approach to academic and vocational studies.

The Day of the Forum

Hosted by the charming Alyce Fisher from the Murray Conservatory, the event was nothing short of electric. The forum brought together a panel of distinguished local artists who have made their mark not just within our community but nationally and internationally.

  • Fanny Lumsden: An ARIA Award-winning artist and entrepreneur, Fanny has challenged the norms in the country music scene, both with her unique voice and her dedication to regional communities.
  • Tim Podesta: A multifaceted artist renowned for his groundbreaking choreographic works and advocacy for inclusivity within the dance world.
  • Emily Carrington: An experienced local graphic designer, Emily offered insights into the diverse career paths within the design field, empowering young artists to envision broader possibilities for their talents.

The Outcomes

The event was an overwhelming success, with young aspirants asking a multitude of questions that ranged from practical tips for career growth to deep insights into the journey of artistic mastery. Our panelists generously shared their experiences, career highs and lows, and their unique pathways, inspiring the audience to envision a life where art isn’t merely a hobby, but a fulfilling career.

The event succeeded in its goals of raising the profile of NELLEN within our community and promoting a positive image of our youth. It also contributed to raising awareness about the ever-changing educational landscape and the creative career opportunities it presents.

What’s Next?

The high level of engagement and the quality of dialogue at this forum point to a pressing need for more such events. As we wrap up the Creative Arts Forum 2023, we are already buzzing with ideas for future iterations and other platforms that continue to empower our youth.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from NELLEN, and if you missed the live event, look out for the recorded session that will be available on our website soon.

Here’s to the endless possibilities that await when we challenge the norm and let art be our voice!