Unlock Tomorrow’s Talent 

with NELLEN & the School to Work Program

Are you looking for fresh talent to rejuvenate your business?

Look no further. Through NELLEN you can offer opportunities for young people on the School to Work (S2W) portal to host driven and skilled students from across Indigo, Alpine, Towong shires, and the City of Wodonga.

Why Become a Host?

Practical Skillset

These are VET students, learning industry-specific skills. This isn’t just a resume builder for them; they’re trained and eager to apply their knowledge.

Community Engagement

Strengthen your business’s reputation as a community leader and partner by helping shape the future workforce.


Open doors to schools and educational institutions, potentially leading to future collaborative projects.

How it Works

1. Registration: Register your interest by getting in touch with our team at NELLEN

2. Listing: After exploring the options together and determining which opportunity would be most relevant to students, our team will add the listing with the S2W portal.

3. Placement: Students – working closely with their teachers – choose where & what job placements related to their VET studies they’d like to explore.


Contact our S2W team at (02) 6056 0966, email swl@nellen.org.au, or fill in the form below to get started. 

Fill in the contact form below and let’s chat.

📍 Location: This service is available across the Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires, and the City of Wodonga.