Shape Tomorrow’s Talent with WIRL:

Your Gateway to a Skilled Workforce

Plant Talent, Grow Business

Imagine planting the seeds for your future talent pipeline while simultaneously enriching your community. With the What’s It Really Like (WIRL) Project, that’s precisely what you can do. Aimed at Year 9 students on the cusp of shaping their futures, WIRL is your gateway to a skilled, local workforce. It delivers Certificate II learning as part of the Year 9 school curriculum, connecting young people to local industry and enabling them to develop practical work skills in a real environment.

Be the Solution

Why sit on the sidelines and lament workforce shortages when you can be part of the solution? With your participation, students get the opportunity to gain industry experience through real work, real scenarios, and to complete a real qualification, all prior to choosing their future pathway to study or employment.

Strategic Investment, Real Returns

This isn’t just good community service; it’s a strategic move to address workforce shortages in regional health, agriculture, community services, horticulture and food & fibre manufacturing. Invest in the future; mentor the next generation of skilled professionals.

WIRL offers two engagement options:

  1. Industry Experience Workshops offer hands-on site visits where students interact with equipment and meet your team.
  2. Class-based Certificate II/III programs embed real-world skills and mentorship into the Year 9 curriculum, while granting formal qualifications.

Both options can fast-track a skilled, local workforce for your business.

The future is knocking; let’s answer the call together.

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