Enabling Further Education:

How the Regional Transport Fund Drives Young Dreams Forward

Bridging the Distance to Education and Training Opportunities

The Regional Transport Fund (RTF) is a pivotal program designed to facilitate better access to educational and training opportunities for young people across the Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires, and the City of Wodonga. The fund breaks down barriers to education and training in regional communities by funding regional transport options, alleviating the financial and logistical burdens on families.

Schools can access the funds at the beginning of each school year by contacting NELLEN.

Make a Difference!

If you’re a teacher who knows of a student/students in need of the Regional Transport Fund, or has been approached by a student or parent inquiring about it, we encourage you to get in touch with us (see below). Your referral could be the key to unlocking invaluable educational opportunities for young people in your community. Don’t hesitate, reach out to NELLEN today!

Real Stories, Real Impact:

For instance, prior to the RTF, a bright student and his mother had to rely on 6am public transport departures to attend school and training. The advent of the RTF service has greatly improved their commuting experience.

In Beechworth, two male students were able to continue their hospitality courses at Wodonga TAFE thanks to the RTF.

At Mount Beauty, all nine students enrolled in VET programmes rely on the RTF for transport.

Meanwhile, in Myrtleford, eight students attending GOTAFE have also benefitted from the RTF, a factor that has increased retention and participation rates in these programmes. Overall, the RTF plays an essential role in breaking down barriers to education and training in regional communities.

The RTF journey through the eyes of families and students

Watch the video below for a heartfelt collection of stories that spotlight the transformative impact of the Regional Transport Fund. Hear directly from students and their families about how the RTF has opened doors to education and training, turning aspirations into achievements. Tune in and be inspired!

📍 Location: This service is available across the Alpine, Indigo, and Towong Shires, the Cities of Wodonga and Albury, and the LGAs of GMLLEN, NE Tracks LLEN, and OELLEN.