Maximize Student Success

with the School to Work Portal

Bridging Classroom Learning and Career Opportunities

As educators actively involved in the development of your students, you understand the value of real-world experiences that complement classroom learning. The School to Work (S2W) portal is a tool designed to seamlessly link education with employment opportunities, offering a holistic approach to career readiness for your students.

Why Choose School to Work?

Practical Skill Development

Work placements are more than just a line on a resume; they’re a chance for students to apply classroom-taught skills in actual work environments, thereby reinforcing their learning and confidence.

Customised Career Paths

With the S2W portal, you can assist students in finding work opportunities that align specifically with their Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies,

tailoring their work experience to future career goals.

Local Community Engagement

These work placements don’t just provide skill growth; they also help students build meaningful local connections. Networking today could easily become partnership or employment tomorrow.

How to Get the Most out of the S2W Portal

1. Explore: Wide-Ranging Opportunities

The S2W online portal offers a variety of placements, allowing you to help students find the experiences that genuinely interest them.

2. Match: Align Interests with Opportunities

Work together with your students to pinpoint their goals and match them with appropriate work placements via the S2W portal.

3. Initiate: Taking the First Step

Be there to support your students through the application and preparation phases, setting them up for a successful work placement experience.

Resources and Support

NELLEN is here to support you. If you have questions or would like to get a well-rounded view of the S2W portal, feel free to reach us at (02) 6056 0966, or email

By integrating the S2W program into your educational strategy, you can provide students with valuable experiences that are directly relevant to their career paths. Join us in enriching their journey from the classroom to the workplace.

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📍 Location: This service is available across the Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires, and the City of Wodonga.