Unlock Real-World Experiences in the Classroom with VIC Vice VR Headsets

Elevate Your Students’ Career Insights

Imagine if they could explore various industries without leaving the classroom. With the cutting-edge VIC Vice VR Headsets, NELLEN is making this a reality for schools across NE Victoria.

Ideal for both teachers and students, these immersive headsets bring career exposure and educational fun right into your school.

How it works:

1. Book Your Session: Reach out to NELLEN to book your VR experience, and provide the following information:

  • School Name
  • Teacher Contact
  • Preferred Dates & Times
  • Session Length
  • Number of Students
  • Preferred Industry: Health or Agriculture, or both

2. Session Setup: Nominate the industries you want your students to explore. We’ll  pre-load these experiences onto the headsets before we arrive.

3. Day-of Experience: A NELLEN staff member will accompany the headsets to your school to ensure a smooth and successful session.

4. Post-Session: We pack up and return the headsets safely to our office.

Session Requirements:

  • Space: Minimum 2 square metres per student; seating is recommended.
  • Student Numbers: Maximum 24 students for three consecutive 30-minute sessions.
  • WiFi: Not required; we manage content ahead of time.

Safety & Consent:

  • Parental consent is necessary for each student participant.
  • We adhere to VIC Vice’s strict safety guidelines to mitigate risks, supported by a comprehensive consent form which covers VIC Vice’s liability.


Check your school’s calendar and let us know when you’d like to schedule a session. We’ll cross-reference it with our availability and confirm with you directly.

Discover a world of possibilities with NELLEN and VIC Vice VR headsets. Take the first step towards an immersive educational journey today!

For more information, feel free to contact us (see below).

📍 Location: This service is available across Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires, and the City of Wodonga.