Unlock Your Students’ Future with NELLEN’s WIRL Program:

Real Skills, Real Opportunities

Why WIRL is a Game-Changer for Year 9 Students

What’s It REALLY Like (WIRL) is not just another program; it’s a pivotal life experience for your Year 9 students. Designed to intersect precisely when students are contemplating their academic and vocational paths, WIRL offers a “test-drive” of real-world professions. Not only does it equip them with practical skills, but it also fosters meaningful mentor relationships. We’re talking about giving them the chance to dip their toe in before committing to a future course.

Tailored to Your School’s Unique Needs

We get it; all schools are different. Whether it’s due to resources, location, or partnerships, your school has its own needs and limitations. That’s why WIRL isn’t one-size-fits-all but can be customised.

Choose between Industry Experience Workshops for hands-on, industry-specific activities, or dive deeper with Class-Based VET Certificate II/III courses that align perfectly with the Year 9 curriculum. Both routes offer invaluable exposure to the following local industry sectors:

  • Health & Community Services
  • Agriculture & Hortiulture
  • Food & Fibre Manufacturing

Industry Experience Workshops

Students immerse themselves in the actual work environment, interact with business owners and employees, and get hands-on experience with the tasks and processes typical to these industries.

Class-Based VET Certificate II/III

A part of the Year 9 curriculum, this option provides academic credentials while imparting real-world work skills through placements and workshops.

Proven Success and Community Investment

Originating from Mansfield Secondary College’s innovative approach, WIRL has successfully scaled to 19 schools across the Ovens Murray Region, thanks to the support from Regional Development Victoria. The project emphasises reciprocity among all parties – schools, businesses, and the community – creating a sustainable model built on trust, respect, and goodwill.

Key Benefits for Your Year 9 Students

Real-World Skill Development

Gain practical work skills that are invaluable in today’s dynamic work environment.

Academic Enhancement

Attain recognized certificates that provide a competitive edge in both academic and vocational pathways.

Mentorship and Networking

Develop meaningful mentor relationships that can lead to further opportunities like structured work placements, SBATs, or even casual employment.

A Sense of Community and Empowerment

Engaging in these workshops fosters respect and trust within the community, thus instilling a sense of social responsibility among students.

Benefits in Health Care & Community Services

Working in these sectors not only offers a fulfilling career but also helps in the development of soft skills like empathy, active listening, and communication, crucial for both personal and professional growth.

Taking Care of Others (People, Plants, Animals) Aids Happiness and Confidence

Evidence shows that we’re happier when we spend time focusing on the needs of something outside ourselves. Caring for animals, plants or other people improves our mental health and builds self-esteem.

Work With Us For A Perfect Fit

The specific engagement strategy—Industry Experience Workshops or Class-Based VET Certificate—can be tailored based on your school’s circumstances and resources, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Join us in this groundbreaking initiative that not only addresses local workforce needs but also shapes our future leaders and professionals. Partner with NELLEN’s WIRL Program today and open the world of limitless possibilities for your Year 9 students.

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📍 Location: This service is available across Alpine, Indigo, Mansfield and Towong Shires, Benalla Rural City, Rural City of Wangaratta, and the City of Wodonga.