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Why do an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

9 Reasons why Apprentice- and Traineeships make a lot of sense:

  1. Earn money while learning.
  2. Much lower educational costs, with potential for subsidies and Trade Support Loans.
  3. Immediate entry into the workforce, providing job skills, references, and industry contacts.
  4. Gain real-world workplace etiquette alongside trade skills.
  5. Suited for visual and hands-on learners, offering practical experience.
  6. Potentially earn more than university graduates, especially as a ‘cashed-up tradie.’
  7. Higher job security due to skills shortages in trade jobs.
  8. VET qualifications offer easy transitions to other roles or university courses.
  9. Potential to start your own business sooner, with industry contacts already in place.

Ready to kick-start your career with a real-world edge? Look no further than apprenticeships and traineeships. Whether you’re into crafting wood or crafting code, we’ve got you covered!

Main differences between an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship

A traineeship is offered in a broader range of occupations (over 700!!!) and is shorter – typically over one or two years. An apprenticeship, on the other hand, covers skilled trades and takes a lot longer – usually three to four years, either full or part-time.

Apprenticeships: Think hands-on trades like carpentry and plumbing.

Traineeships: More your speed if you’re into vocations like IT, marketing, or even fitness!

🔥 Hot Fact: Join the 74K+ Victorians already getting ahead with apprenticeships and traineeships.

Dive In: Where to Learn More

Completing an apprenticeship or traineeship gives you a nationally recognised qualification. You can use your qualification to start your career or to do more training. An apprenticeship or traineeship can also lead to self-employment opportunities. Check out these sites to dig deeper:

If you’ve made up your mind to become an apprentice or trainee, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers are the first point of contact to get started. They connect you with employers, and support you throughout your apprenticeship.

Your one-stop-shop? The Australian Apprenticeships website. They’ll sort you with:

  • Industry insights
  • The perfect training provider
  • All the nitty-gritty paperwork
  • How to bag those extra benefits