Concession Cards

Unlock Savings on Everyday Expenses:

Why Concession Cards Can Be a Game-Changer

Who doesn’t love a good discount?

Whether you’re a student navigating the world of higher education or a young adult looking to make ends meet, concession cards offer a rich source of opportunities to save on everyday expenses.

From student perks like discounted gig tickets and cheaper public transport, to Health Care Cards that cut the cost of utilities and medical expenses, these cards are your secret weapon for financial flexibility.

So next time you’re pondering whether to ask for a discount—don’t hesitate. With a concession card in your wallet, the savings are yours for the taking.

Quick Tip: No clue if there’s a discount on offer? Just ask. The worst they’ll say is no!

Student Perks Unlocked

Get ready to save big on everything from plane tickets to gig tickets, and even your dental check-up 😁! Just flash that shiny student card of yours from school, uni, or TAFE to take full advantage of the perks. If you’re unsure what you can save on, take a peek at your student diary, or this list here:

Public Transport

Hop on trams, trains, and buses for less! Just snag a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card. Forms are online, easy-peasy.

Bonus: Got a Health Care Card? That too works for transport discounts!


Planning to jet-set? An internationally recognised student card gets you worldwide discounts on flights, grub, and even museums!

Research Alert: Look it up online and ask around before you buy any discount card!

Your Ticket to Cheaper Living: Health Care Card

Low income or on Centrelink? Get a Health Care Card for discounts on meds, dental work, utilities, and even your car rego. Yep, you gotta apply for it, it won’t magically appear!

  • Benefits of Having a Health Care Card:
  • Slash Your Bills: Discounted electricity, gas, and water? Yes, please!
  • Study on a Budget: Concessions on TAFE fees. Your wallet will thank you.
  • Look After Yourself: Discounted prescriptions, dental work, and even free ambulance rides. Take care, for less!

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