Ready to Fly Solo? Your Quick & Easy Guide to Renting

Ready to leave the nest and find your own digs?

Let’s make it quick, fun, and less of a headache. Here’s your crash course to finding the best pad without going broke.

What Do You Want?

First things first, picture your dream place. It’s unlikely you’ll tick all the boxes, so know your deal-breakers.

Your Options

1. Private Rental: Your own space, no strings attached.

2. Student Housing: Uni and TAFE got you covered.

3. Community Housing: Ideal for special needs, just google it.

4. Public Housing: The Vic Gov can sort you out if you’re low on dough.

Budget 101

Rent ain’t the only bill! Factor in your bills, food, and bus fare. Remember the one-off costs like a bond, usually one or two month’s rent upfront. MoneySmart‘s got some cool budgeting tools to help you.

Where to Live?

Work, study, family, transport – these will guide you. Think broad; being flexible can save you cash. Weigh up the benefits of lower rent further afield against increased travel expenses etc. and see how it comes out in the wash.

Roomies? Or… nah?

Solitude is golden but costs more. Roomies make life cheaper and can be more fun, but be ready for the odd disagreement. Here’s a quick low down on finding your ideal share house:

  • Use flatmate listing sites to create a profile highlighting your interests and housing needs.
  • Craft a tailored introduction to send to listing owners. Mention anything that sets you apart.
  • Act fast to secure viewing times. The best spots get snapped up quickly.
  • Dress well and be punctual for inspections. Communication is key if there are changes.
  • Use the inspection to get to know potential flatmates. Inquire about schedules, interests, and shared facilities.
  • Once accepted, ensure all details, from rent to house rules, are formalised in writing to avoid future conflicts.

House or Flat?

Houses have space; flats have convenience. Choose your poison!

Where to Hunt

  • Online:  Use property search websites to compare options.
  • Real Estate Agents:  Some hidden gems are still offline.
  • Community Boards:  Look around your local café or uni.
  • Uni & TAFE Services:  They often have insider info.
  • Word of Mouth:  Spread the word, someone you know might have the perfect spot.
  • Newspapers:  Old-school, but you might find something others missed.

Don’t lose hope if the first few places are duds. And don’t rush into a bad deal. Keep your money ready for bond and initial rent.

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