Support Services

Kick-Start Your Independence:

A Quick Guide  to Support Services for Young People

For Young Parents

Centrelink Perks: Cash in on Parenting Payments and Child Care Benefits.

Raising Kids 101: The Raising Children Network site has heaps of tips and resources for parenting like a boss.

Get Schooled

Centrelink Boost: Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY for young people between 15 and 24 for education and training.

Apprenticeships: Get skilled and get paid in heaps of fields, not just the old-school trades.

Skills for Jobs: Struggle with language or maths? This program offers training to boost your employability.

Job Hunt Like a Pro

Jobactive & Jobs Hub: These platforms are your gateway to job listings and even starting your own business.

Transition to Work: Aged 15-24? Get a leg up into work, training, or education.

myfuture: Explore careers and local courses to find your passion.

JobAccess: Get workplace solutions and financial aid info if you have a disability.

Fair Work Know-How: Unclear about workplace rights? The Fair Work Ombudsman has your back.

Health Check

Medicare Magic: Get your own Medicare card at 15+ for healthcare savings.

Indigenous Access: A tailored phone service for Indigenous Aussies to get the most out of Medicare.

Health Care Card: Discount city! Save on meds, doctor visits, and even some household stuff

Mind Matters: Head to Health offers a stash of mental health resources.

Family Mental Health: Special focus on Indigenous and diverse families for early intervention.

Re:think Dyslexia: A whole world of resources fostering dyslexic awesomeness awaits!

Home Sweet Home

Ask Izzy: For immediate housing info if you’re facing homelessness.

Centrelink’s Home Help: Financial aids like Rent Deduction Scheme and Rent Assistance for housing.

Affordable Rent: The National Rental Affordability Scheme helps you find cheaper rents.

Reconnect: Stabilise your living sitch and improve ties with family, work, and community.

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