Interview Skills

Preparing for Your Job Interview:

Tips and Tricks to Get Hired

Are you ready to ace your interview? Follow these steps to make a lasting impression and land the job.

Know Your Employer

Before your interview, research the company as it will boost your confidence and impress your potential employer. Check out their website, social media platforms, and Google them to gather information. Also look into their competitors to get industry vibes. This way, you’ll be able to talk smarter and score points with your interviewer.

Unravel the Job Specs

Read the job ad thoroughly and focus on the tasks you’ll be expected to perform, the hours you’ll be working, etc. Note the dress code and inquire about the job description if it’s not provided. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as employers appreciate your interest and initiative.

Ace Your Next Job Interview with These Tips

  • Pack Your Success Kit: Bring any relevant documents or portfolios to showcase your skills and experience. Remember, it’s show and tell, so make it count.
  • Get Ready for Your Close-Up: Since most interviews are now conducted online, practice recording your answers. Play them back to refine your responses and get comfortable with the process.
  • Q&A Prep: Use the STAR technique to answer interview questions. This stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Start by introducing something you’ve done in the past, talk about what you were required to do, then explain the steps you took to achieve your goal. Lastly, talk about the outcome and what you learned from the experience.
  • Test Yourself: Try answering some common interview questions such as “Tell us a little about yourself?” or “Why did you apply for this position?” Practice answering them and be prepared to ask questions of your own.
  • Improving Interview Performance: Arrive early, turn off your phone, sit up straight, stay engaged, and remember to smile. If you don’t understand a question, don’t hesitate to ask them to repeat it. Always have prepared questions to ask the interviewers at the end. If you don’t get the job, it’s okay to request feedback and learn from the experience.
  • Dealing with Anxiety about Interviews: It’s normal to be nervous, but be kind to yourself and remember that practice will help you feel more in control. Don’t hesitate to seek help if you need it. Head to our mental health support page for more information and resources.

Want more tips about interviews?

Check out these great resources below:

  • Youth Central: Interview tips page – a great site with tips and guidance for people preparing for job interviews
  • JobSearch: Interview practise – These practise interview videos cover a range of industries and roles. Find the one most suitable to your job applications and practise your responses!