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Unsure of your career path?

You’re not alone! Whether you’re drawn to a lifelong passion, or are zigzagging your way through opportunities, we’ve got you sorted.

🔥 Quote to Live By: “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

— Confucius

Remember, it’s cool to pivot. In fact, it’s the new norm. Young Aussies are swapping jobs and industries like never before.

Where to Start? Ask Yourself:

  • Passions & Hobbies: What gets you fired up?
  • School Faves: What subjects did you ace or enjoy?
  • Skill Up: What training do you need for your dream job?
  • Hot Markets: Where are the skill shortages?
  • Futurescape: What are the emerging fields?
  • Your Impact: What values should your job reflect?

Fast Fact: Aussies switch careers 5 to 7 times on average. So, go ahead, keep your options wide open!

Need Advice? We’ve Got Resources!

The internet is your career research oyster, filled with insights, profiles, and guides. To jumpstart your journey, go here for a list of must-see careers websites:

Chat Up Your Career Guru

Got career questions? Your school’s career counsellor is a treasure trove of wisdom on jobs, study options, and career routes. And guess what? Their wisdom is available even after you’ve tossed your grad cap!

👉 First Step: A heart-to-heart with your careers counsellor can set your compass straight if you’re feeling lost.

Network Like You Mean It!

Talking careers might seem intimidating, but the insights are gold. Parents of friends, your favourite aunt, that hip librarian, or even a Twitter celeb—ask away!

Ask Smart Questions:

It’s as simple as saying you’re mapping out your next steps and curious about their journey. What to Ask?

  • How’d they land their gig?
  • Did they study or get special training?
  • What’s a regular day like for them?
  • Likes and dislikes about their job?
  • Any curveballs or fresh ambitions for the future?

Trust us, most people love chatting about their work, and you might just stumble upon some golden nuggets of advice. It’s also a top-notch reality check: everyone’s figuring it out just like you.

Digging for more?

Year 13: A killer blog dishing out career advice, job hacks, and much more.

Skills Road 360°: Step into virtual workplaces across five industries and get a feel for the gig.

Create Your Future: A film series focusing on the hurdles and triumphs of people with disabilities from diverse backgrounds, aiming to boost aspirations for education and jobs.

So why wait? Your dream job might be just a click away!

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