Work Experience

at Wodonga Council and Hyphen Library Gallery

The Wodonga Council isn’t just a governing body; it also acts as a launchpad to limitless possibilities. In partnering with us, the council is serving up real-world work experience that can’t be found in any textbook.

Work experience functions as the first step into an industry, giving you an opportunity to explore possible career options. You’ll gain valuable experience and knowledge in your chosen field, which can lead to further, more comprehensive placements that will broaden your professional knowledge.

Wodonga Council offers work experience opportunities at council level and at HYPHEN for high school students from Wodonga and surrounding region. Click on one of the options below to fill in an expression of interest, or contact us (fill in your details below) for more opportunities.

📍 Location: This service is available across the Alpine, Indigo and Towong Shires, and the City of Wodonga.