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We’ve been connecting young people to opportunities since 2001.

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Our Vision

All young people are valued in our community.

Our Mission

NELLEN partners with schools, employers and community to bridge gaps and connect youth with meaningful education and employment pathways.

The School to Work program connects students across Alpine, Indigo, Towong Shires and the City of Wodonga to work experience and placement opportunities offered by local employers.

Secondary school students from Wodonga and the surrounding areas can step beyond the classroom and gain hands-on work experience at the Council and HYPHEN Library Gallery, engaging directly with professionals in their fields of interest.

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The Latest News


Designed for young people aged 17 to 25 who have left – or are disengaged from – school without having found suitable employment. B4Work is an innovative resource that is more than just a program—it’s a lifeline to success. Designed to take the confusion out of what steps to take next, it helps clear the way through the maze of options, requirements and obstacles.

The initiative goes beyond traditional mentorship or skill-building. It’s a holistic approach to developing ‘work-ready’ young adults armed with unwavering confidence and practical skills that are in high demand in tomorrow’s job market.

Federally funded, this project is designed to help young people transition into economic independence by providing them with essential job-seeking skills.

We’re talking completely personalised options, focussed on individual circumstances!

What’s it Really Like…

Prepare students for the future and strengthen the local workforce with the What’s It Really Like (WIRL) Project. Aimed at Year 9 students, WIRL provides a unique chance for them to dip their toes into various industries before making pivotal decisions about their academic and vocational pathways.

Choose from Industry Experience Workshops, featuring hands-on site visits, or opt for Class-Based Certificate II/III programs integrated directly into the Year 9 curriculum. Both routes offer not just learning but meaningful mentorships with local businesses, addressing critical workforce gaps in sectors such as health, agriculture, and manufacturing (food & fibre).

Built on a strong foundation of goodwill, respect, sustainability, and trust, WIRL has already seen success across 19 schools in seven local government areas. Seize this opportunity to be part of an educational revolution that aligns student aspirations with real-world opportunities.


Level Up Your Job Hunt with AirCV: Get Seen, Get Hired!

Traditional resumes often go unnoticed in the sea of applications. So, how can yours stand out? Enter AirCV, your new secret weapon to break through the noise and get noticed by employers.

How does AirCV benefit YOU?

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  • Curate Your Story: AirCV’s Career Snapshot and Timeline let you show off your skills, experiences, and milestones in an eye-catching way.
  • Universal Appeal: The unique URL can even be your passport to global opportunities. Imagine applying for jobs or internships from Wellington to Barcelona—all without leaving your desk.

Do the job hunt on your terms, in your style. Get started with AirCV and redefine how you’re seen in the professional world.

Connecting North East Victoria’s Employers & Young Talent

At NextGen Jobs Network, we bridge the gap between local employers and vibrant young talent in North East Victoria.

Backed by NELLEN, this project is committed to fostering a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable local economy.

Why Go Local?

  • It’s about nurturing local talent in a meaningful way
  • Hiring locally strengthens businesses and the community
  • It cuts down on travel times for more punctual staff
  • Local hires stick around longer, reducing turnover

Join NextGen Jobs Network today and shape the future of North East Victoria!

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North East Local Learning & Employment NetworkNorth East Local Learning & Employment Network

We cultivate rich networks, alliances, and groundbreaking initiatives. Our goal? To empower every young person to find their ideal vocation.

By seamlessly connecting schools, businesses, governments, community groups, and local residents, we aim to nurture a supportive community, encourage new ways of learning and promote positive futures for all young people.

Young people up to the age of 25 years.

Alpine, Indigo and Towong shires and the City of Wodonga – our four local government areas

Other Initiatives

VR Head Sets

Leveraging the latest VR technology, VIC VICE is a VR platform that offers a unique opportunity to showcase industries and organisations to the next generation of talent. It is a chance for employers to promote entry-level jobs, traineeships, and apprenticeships to up to 400,000 secondary students across Victoria. The head sets are available to schools with the aim to inspire young people across the state to consider career pathways in areas they might not have considered.

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Work Experience @ Wodonga Council & more

The Wodonga Council isn’t just a governing body; it also acts as a launchpad to limitless possibilities. In partnering with us, the council is serving up real-world work experience that can’t be found in any textbook. Through NELLEN they offer work experience opportunities at council level and at HYPHEN for high school students from Wodonga and surrounding region.

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Regional Transport Fund

The Regional Transport Fund (RTF) is a pivotal program designed to facilitate better access to educational and training opportunities for young people in regional areas. The fund breaks down barriers to education and training in regional communities, alleviating the financial and logistical burdens on families. Students are able to access the fund through their schools.

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Recent Highlights

Creative Arts Forum

The recent Creative Arts Forum shone a spotlight on the numerous opportunities available for young creatives. The event offered attendees the chance to directly interact with artistic maestros and industry professionals.

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Drone Piloting Course

Drones are key to delivering rapid and effective disaster management solutions, reducing risk. Piloting drones is more than a skill; it’s a sustainable and highly desired expertise for the future of disaster management.

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How Work Works

The How Work Works Project was a successful youth-led research project designed to explore employment, workforce development, and industry growth in the Alpine, Indigo, Towong, and Wodonga regions.

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